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Georeferencing historical forest maps of BC for analysis in GIS

We have located and scanned a forest cover map series depicting the entire forest landscapes of BC in the 1950’s. Help us to georeference the 149 map collection as an important step towards bringing this rare historical information into a GIS useable form (ie, a geodatabase). The information will be used to help reconstruct the historical changes in BC’s environment and forests to understand critical issues facing them today. The research is being conducted by Ira Sutherland and Dr. Jeanine Rhemtulla (lab website: https://www.landandlives.ca/). Once the research is published, the data layer will be released to the public. 

Methodology: Participants will learn how to accurately georeference historical maps using the ArcMap Georeferencing toolbar (https://tinyurl.com/y3dhwxc8). First control points are placed on map graticule, a visual quality check is completed, and then the root mean square error is recorded. The map is then rectified using 3rd order Polynomial and saved for further GIS processing. 
What you need: If you have a laptop with ArcMap installed, please bring it. If not, we can set you up on a library computer with a guest account. 
Who is eligible: Everyone with some basic familiarity with GIS (eg, completed one GIS course or have relevant work experience).  
Project Background: Our project employs underutilized datasets to monitor changes in the ecosystem services, including timber, salmon, carbon storage, hunting and trapping, provided by forests of British Columbia. We have collected forest inventory data over the past 100 years. Our compilation and analysis of historical data will offer insight into how management and policy approaches have increased and, in other cases, destabilized ecosystem services throughout the history of British Columbia.

Thursday, December 5, 2019
6:30pm - 9:30pm
Koerner Library
  All UBC Students     Faculty     Graduate     Post-Doc     Professional  
  GIS     Maps     Research Commons  
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