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Literature Reviews: Writing



Thesis and research article literature reviews accomplish several purposes for scholars. In the introduction, for example, writers review relevant research in order to establish a research gap or knowledge deficit that the current study addresses. But how do writers summarize the scholarly conversation already underway and, then, join that conversation?

This workshop introduces researchers to the typical structure of the literature review in thesis and research article introductions, while accounting for variation in communicative purposes and disciplinary differences. Participants will write or revise a literature review (thesis, dissertation, research article), and receive feedback from the workshop facilitators and other participants. Therefore, this workshop is most useful for those with a research project underway.

Workshop Facilitators: Dr. Patty Kelly & Eury Chang (Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication)

*Irving K. Barber Learning Centre*
*Dodson Room*
Friday, January 24, 2020
10:00am - 12:00pm
  Graduate     Post-Doc  
  Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication     Research Commons     Writing  
Dr. Patty Kelly and Eury Chang
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Dr. Patty Kelly and Eury Chang

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