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Writing in STEM: Positioning Writers, Readers, and Ideas

One of the challenges in writing in STEM is being able to position yourself as a writer in relation to your work, other work, and your readers. There is a delicate balance involved in presenting ideas suitably objectively and confidently, while acknowledging or limiting other possible interpretations, and the mechanisms to tread this fine line can seem opaque and arbitrary. This workshop will present a linguistic framework to help you navigate positioning in your writing. By understanding the various ways you can include, exclude, allow for or limit other views and perspectives, you can be more persuasive through strategic writing.

Participants should bring two texts to the workshop: a published article or other text from their field that they aspire to emulate, and a piece of their own writing in an editable form, preferably a work-in-progress.

Facilitator: Dr Jodie Martin is an educational linguist specializing in academic writing, who currently works as an Academic English lecturer in the Science stream at Vantage College. Her experience includes researching and teaching language and communication in disciplines ranging from music to education to management to health sciences to social media. She draws on systemic functional linguistics and Legitimation Code Theory to unlock the secrets of language and knowledge practices.

Date & Time: Tuesday, October 5, 2021: 10am – 12pm PT

Location: Zoom    Registrants receive the Zoom link the day before the workshop.

The Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication does not record workshops or share workshop slides.

Questions about this event? Please contact the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication: cwsc.info@ubc.ca.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021
10:00am - 12:00pm
  Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication     Writing  
Dr. Jodie Martin

Registration is required. There are 186 seats available.

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Dr. Jodie Martin

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