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OSM Can-BICS: Mapping bicycle infrastructure across Canada

OSM Can-BICS: Mapping bicycle infrastructure across Canada

High quality and consistent bicycling infrastructure data are needed to advance research into equity and safety and for planning and promoting active transportation. Yet there is no consistent and complete national dataset for bicycling infrastructure in Canada. We are developing a national bicycling infrastructure dataset. First, we classified OpenStreetMap (OSM) using the Canadian Bikeway Comfort and Safety Classification System (Can-BICS) as a consistent categorization for infrastructure type. Next, we performed a site-specific accuracy assessment by comparing the classification with more than 2,000 reference points from a stratified random sample in 15 cities. We met with city planners to validate the classified network dataset and solicited feedback and improvements in a mapathon. Finally, we used the classified network dataset to develop a standardized measure of cycling infrastructure for all dissemination areas in Canada. In this talk, we will present the OSM Can-BICS classified dataset and metric of the cycling environment, including detail on the development, validation, and descriptive results.

Colin Ferster is a research assistant in the Cities, Health, & Active Transportation Research Lab (CHATR) and at bikemaps.org. Colin uses traditional and emerging sources of geographic data to study people and their environments. He completed a PhD and MSc at the University of British Columbia and a BSc at the University of Victoria — all focused on integrating diverse types of spatial data.

This event is part of Love Data Week 2022, co-sponsored by SFU, UBC, UNBC, and UVic. Registration is open to everyone.

If you have questions, concerns, or accessibility needs please email research.commons@ubc.ca.



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Tuesday, February 15, 2022
1:30pm - 2:30pm
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Colin Ferster (SFU)
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Colin Ferster (SFU)

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