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Introduction to Web Mapping with Leaflet

The past decade has witnessed some revolutionary technologies that have paved way for web maps and location aware applications we see today: Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, and many other websites and services that include interactive maps. These applications have become so ubiquitous that we almost take them for granted.
This workshop will first give an introduction to web maps, including the differences between digital maps and web maps, their structure, and how they work. The second part of the workshop will be a short hands-on session where we will create our own local example using Leaflet.js.
Intro to Web Maps
·         Why web maps?
·         Web map vs digital map
·         Map tiles
·         GeoJSON
·         Structure of a web map
·         Hands on with Leaflet.js
Intro to using your source code editor
·         Examine the map “boilerplate”
·         Configure the load location and zoom level
·         Change base layer
·         Examine neighbourhood data attributes
·         Add neighbourhood data
·         Configure a popup

Things to do before arriving:

This workshop will require the use of an internet browser and source code editor. We recommend downloading Mozilla Firefox for your browser, and VS Code as a source code editor.

Thursday, November 24, 2022
10:00am - 12:00pm
548 and 552 - Presentation Room (Combined)
Koerner Library
  GIS     Research Commons  
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